Fixed coffee maker and everything works!!

I asked today to a NASA scientist at the Rio Tinto project.

"Is the reason why most life use FE (Iron) for energy transport because of its stability?" If you did not know, there is no means of fissioning or fusing FE it is the most stable nuclear arrangement of subatomic particles.

And they answered!.Check it out at the end

Woo hoo, heh.


I am going to take a class with SJSU and NASA online on robotics

Course info

44 bucks but it is worth it I think, at least it will look good on the CV and if I get to ask questions (you have to submit a reason why) that would be really cool, like really heh. Need coffee breaking into mall talk, arghhhh.

Thank god I have a french press all these damn surface mount components were not meant to be fiddled with I will have to take the circuit board into the lab to fix it, heh.


Got my DMM (digital multimeter) today in the mail. I have begun to take apart my coffee maker with its 12 hour clock timer to see if there is a way in hell to make it set to a 24 hour clock, like a dip switch (I hope) or something. I hate 12 hour clocks.


this is the one I got

WARNING: always check to see if the battery is standard or some weird hearing aid one. The hearing aid ones suck, the batteries can cost 9-10 bucks and they do not last for anything.

Of course you could adapt the powersupply to a 9V or something but at the cost of the decent ones starting at 20 bucks why bother?


I need to find grants to fund this damn thing.

NSF grants

ASAP grants

Looks like I'm going to be writing these for awhile. I wish I could scrape up a few hundred for a cheap used laptop. I should have taken that old monolith PS1 from my dad, heh.

Today is a day of respite and manual work. I am going down town ( a whole 10k person town, the biggest building here is safeway ) and doing my semi-sentient laundry.


Well off to school today. I got my diode finnaly and will be building an d testing today :)

Woo hoo.


Got the ENC working in my multisim software. Still waiting on diode, IRL. Going to try to find some other sim software as it limits me severely when I am building more complex portions of the SRT like the digital reciever.


Got back from school, and both my astronomy professor and electronics professor dig what I'm trying to do. Bought the PVC pipe needed for the ENC, and have the breadboard, resistors, and capactitators need to ask the company that makes that noise diode if I can have one free. The PVC assembly is now cut and working like the drawings show. Breadboard is assembled minus the 1/4" soldering rings and diode. Need to get a digitial camera to show what I am doing.

Cut myself on an exploded beer bottle my roomate left on the fridge. His new girlfriend ate my damn dinner (two bean burritos from taco bell) so I had to go out and buy groceries with money I should be saving for insurance this month. Is that boring enough for you? Is that what blogs are all about?

Ok leaving for school now, I posted an ask slashdot to see if anyone can help me and I am also looking for donations. Anything helps, and I will be posting what I use the money for bit by bit, I am focusing on components I can do now with the minimium of knowledge as a base against attempting things that will discourage me now. I have almost the whole semester to go to learn about the rest, from a brief overview I think I can build/assemble the mechanical parts, and maybe 20-30% of the electronics now. I have some help at school, and if I do not finish it this semester I will continue through next semester to do so.

All the money that I do not use, I don't think I will be getting to 2000 dollars any time soon, heh. I will donate to astronomically related activities for a local high school.

Hmm don't know much HTML or why the donation link is so far down here, need to find a way to put it on the page in a nice place permanently.

Well this is my first post on a blogging service but I need a place to collect my links at school as I do not have a laptop currently to keep all the electronic schematics, and other web links handy.

This is the best SRT page on the web currently

It seems to be made of an intercollegiate group that "tinkers" / " hacks" onto a known platform with small improvements and new components for using the dish/reciever unit for non-astronomical functions such as processing satellite TV data.

I am going to go buy some parts at the local hardware store to build this Electronic Noise Calibrator today I hope the electronics labs has the right kind of diode but I know they have the other parts I've been working on them in my labs.