Ok leaving for school now, I posted an ask slashdot to see if anyone can help me and I am also looking for donations. Anything helps, and I will be posting what I use the money for bit by bit, I am focusing on components I can do now with the minimium of knowledge as a base against attempting things that will discourage me now. I have almost the whole semester to go to learn about the rest, from a brief overview I think I can build/assemble the mechanical parts, and maybe 20-30% of the electronics now. I have some help at school, and if I do not finish it this semester I will continue through next semester to do so.

All the money that I do not use, I don't think I will be getting to 2000 dollars any time soon, heh. I will donate to astronomically related activities for a local high school.

Hmm don't know much HTML or why the donation link is so far down here, need to find a way to put it on the page in a nice place permanently.


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