Drexler Nanotechnology 1981PNAS

Pretty cool paper for 1981 and I learned one of my favorite scientists Richard Feynmann wrote the original nanotech theory paper. Seems the state of the art is waiting for ways of creating tools to build the machines in the first place. I have been thinking of studying chemeolithotrophes for elegant ways of transporting metals for processing. If I understand from the NASA/ABI research at Rio Tinto class I have taken the process is extremely long and non-trivial to understand. Look at the Nobel prize winners for this year in medicine this year they just unraveled how the transport of hydrous material works within living matter. The "electromagnetic vortex" these little buggers use may be a method at the very least of creating suitable building blocks en masse I hope. If I take biology, physics, and chemistry next semester I will have 7 science classes a few math and English but I will need to crack down to hope to pass the UC minimum for undergraduate transfer students.

Will get back to the telescope once I have more electronics knowledge. I am getting an A in class but still have not explored cmos even. I can't wait for a real university with 24 hour labs, I only have access to the electronics lab 2 hours a week currently.


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