Sorry, if anyone has been checking this but I have been writing on the road and am now back home. I purchased a new blotter today and am in the process of laying out both a general school proposal for the Wi-Fi Network and looking over what I have currently in the literary wings for the radio telescope. Well this semester already looks like a better one to submit grants for as I now have some precious college credits and earn more than a modicum of respect from folk at school. With my current electronics knowledge I have built and tested the noise discriminator, when I get my student loans soon I will look at something I can do besides that and get to it.

Good luck in the new year so far. I hope I can keep this up.


Wireless network technology not only will satisfy student concerns of easy Internet access but can be the foundation for many novel experimental applications that have already begun showing up in other academic campuses. Wireless networks allow the remote monitoring of biologics, chemicals, and physical systems with minimum consideration of network infrastructure at the localized level. However, long distance network needs will still be satisfied by Cu Line and Fiber Optics until we have a higher population density along the northern coastal region and hope to attach ourselves to larger metropolitan areas with widespread wireless networks such as the Bay Area or Sacramento.

First paragraph for my wireless network proposal, any comments?//