The State of Public Education Opposing Viewpoint 1
The state of public education is rim full of mediocre teachers making poor renditions of even themselves by using simplistic modalities in academic stewardship, reciting lame philosophies that border or become tautological, and verging hasty acceptance of any problem; however dire, so long as money is added to the equation. In my brief studies; thus far, at the College of the Redwoods I have met a lot of heart, some bile, and scant brains in the education department. The exceptions are exceptional and the rest are lousy with lassitude or feverish with anachronisms to the point of diminishing anything novel as incidental.
Too often the class degenerates into a recitation of platitudes tempered in the illusory pedigree of the teacher that fail to satisfy even the basest marks of originality let alone the choice words of acumen. Are we future peers or puppets, to embolden ourselves outside the realm of the teacher's understanding is to risk indignation, curtness, or worse; the evil eye. Such frivolous exercises in the mundane, like a rat to his wheel. With the uncomfortable prowess by power and power by proxy an observer who wishes us to bemuse his prejudices with paltry understandings, hasty conclusions, and inferior inquests that is wholly unacceptable in the realm of modern day apprenticeship.
A teacher should not expect less out of his students than he does himself. The classroom is not a meeting of minds; right or wrong, to rank and file like cards in a deck. Classes are at least superficially supposed to be a class of introduction; not to some cursory textbook but from students who seek the favors of academia to teachers amidst it. Seasoned anecdotal experiences from a fount of wisdom form a judicious relay of needed accords, from people who should know better than to wax lackadaisically about issues that are circumspect to us all. Instead we are besieged by introspections turned inside out that are made to dance the dance of the fairies and metaphysically gain applicability through the patience of the fates.
Fools are intolerable, whatever their guise or position and those that lord over you are the worse for weathering away the varnish of their self-deceit and loathing. Napoleon was not the only one to have a social complex borne of perceived inferiority and at the very least was a clever tactician; today we have the buzzword buoyant books of those who seek to fleece the once Augustine halls of our educational institutions by the thoughtless adoption of theory. Words taken as liturgically pure dogma shat from the glorious bottoms of heaving angels into the suckling blind progeny widemouthed enough to fit any theory in without the slightest effort at rectification. Parrots of rogues ascended by mediocrity championing its own.
The arbitrary demarcation of education on local, national, and international lines runs counter to the intuitive nature of those exposed to the principles of an Internet based knowledge economy and instead looks more like gerrymandering foisted by a thousand petty politicos. Voluminous interactive open source systems from encyclopedias such as Wikipedia and Everything2 to textbooks ;;; to courses with texts, tests, and input exist.
Each generation of American educators asks the next to relent revolution and subtend their precarious delusional epistemology in regards to the nature of education and the human animal, a study they have never participated in putting in coherent scientific terms. Something that cognitive psychologists still wrestle with understanding almost a century after Skinner and a decade after Pinker they presume by mere participation. Insolence is nigh a concern to the desperate and the deranged. Like infantrymen in POW camps launching imaginary fronts and debunking real ones they speak without the virtue of foresight, for too prejudiced are they as they wallow in self-righteousness to see beyond the length of their nose.
Henpecked, hounded, or hassled no man enjoys the company of another who would pick the fibers of his being like worms tussled out of the ground by birds too fattened by consumption of a singular feed to fly and seek variety. The sky like ignorance weighs down upon us all even those us who would choose to be considered troglodytes before we pretend civilization without virtue, peers without honor, or wisdom without honest prospects. Failure is not an option, but gather enough ignoramuses together flattering each other and they can concede nothing but victory over the most insoluble with the magic recitation of their current tautology.
This is only once through these insufferable fools; a pompous Briton and his brown-nosed lackey stuck sniveling with malapropisms and feigned expertise. I cannot quite understand my presence here amongst these ignoble twits; oh wait that is right, California universities will not take someone in the 99% percentile from aptitude tests alone. My chance run in with destitution was early enough in my life to not be wizened to the value in some trifling circles a high school diploma can secure, I ruefully took the GED so that I could secure a position as a tech support representative to feed and house myself. The failure is mine acknowledged, yet compounded by the slurs of others who study my behavior amongst inauspicious heels who think themselves most auspicious heroes.
To carry forth in
Those who can can, do and those who can't teach and those who can't teach, teach the teachers. There is a platitude for you, now recite it 50 times.


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