Google Search: fly fishing This Summer I might be going back east to visit the relatives oh yeah! Free food, lodging, and fishing. Is there more to life besides a cushy acadamia position I dream of? Ah my own high back chair, bubble pipe, and laptop.


Man only 2 days left for the foresight registration and I'm broke till june. Bleh, even the ads on this page are for nanotech. Its not like I'm completely daft, rather I'm deft with too much schoolwork. Had to finsih up 4 essays (3+ pages) in the last 2 days.

Hehe, maybe I will show up on the door and panhandle.


I am part of Gmail now woo hoo!!!!

A "Dragon" on the Surface of Titan (ESO Press Release 09/04)

New pics of titan !!


What is about blank (insert meme here) today?

Good book on Einstein

Sorry have not been more apt to update, too much school!


Why Nerds are Unpopular Ever wonder why you are on the bottom of the social pecking order, this essay bravely goes about answering that very question.


Memory bottleneck limits intelligence: Single spot in brain determines size of visual scratch pad. This seems to be a part of the MRNA chain short term memory is comprised of. I would love to see the polyribosomes for these cells.


Google Search: hemorrhoids

Thank the lord almighty the spots of blood on my toilet paper were only hemorrhoids. Preperation H is the best thing ever, kiss kiss. Spit. Ugh, damnit. heh.


Google Search: quotations tea

Tea Tea, have you taken yours?