Well the semester is out and I'm in summer mode (girls, bargain shopping for electronics, and road trips). Giving a review of the teachers I had this semester:

screenwriters - Dawn Fratani

The book that supplemented the course was less than useful. Written from a hardened Hollywood perspective it was disenchantment to page through knowing that if this is what Hollywood wanted I would never make a movie there. The best part of class was interacting with fellow writers. Dawn was hellbent, half the semester, on teaching everyone the screenplay format as a few people were off the boat in that regard. The scripts selected were pro-Hollywood, but unless you take an experimental film class you can't expect much more than the same ol', same ol' pumped up h-wood shit.

Teaching Math and Science - Dawn ???

My other teacher Dawn, a little more flaky than normal. Too much time amongst illiterates and children to be teaching at a college level, methinks. Would make the most awesome kindergarten teacher.

Intro to Education - Chris

Pompous British asshole. I should end there, but I won't. Filled with tautologies he barely can regurgitate, quick to anger and talk over people, and get this he is the Dean of Education at HSU Humboldt State University! This man is not fit to teach darts at a pub let alone other teachers their craft. The least amount of respect I have ever had


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